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These are the best controllers for PC gaming in 2017

I have never really been a console gamer. As a matter of fact, I never owned one even in my childhood. In spite of that, I have always used console controllers to play games on my computer. Not only do they give you more control over games in one small package compared to a keyboard, but they also make some game such as flight simulators playable without yokes and rudder pedals. If you are like me and love playing PC games but enjoy experiencing a bit of both worlds, here are the best controllers for PC gaming that will make you a better gamer.

Overview of what I will be talking about:

10 best controllers for PC gaming handpicked for you

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Factors to consider when buying a controller for PC gaming

With the market awash with big deal of different gaming controllers, we understand that it sometimes can be hard to choose the right one. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. These factors should guide you on how to wisely choose a controller.

  1. Is it wired or wireless? – For a console, you’d bang on go for a wireless controller because of the nature at which Televisions are meant to be viewed. For monitors, however, these are displays we need to be closer to in order to see clearly. While not a major factor, I think a wired controller would be more suitable for a PC gaming setup. Adding to this, wireless controllers can also become laggy considering they will have to connect to your computer using Bluetooth, which doesn’t do very well on some operating systems. [Windows 10 works fine, though].
  2. Design – If a controller is not based on the Xbox style or PlayStation controller, there is only one other design – PC only with a host of buttons. For a beginner, go for the normal console style controllers. Their only major physical difference is the location of analogue controls but apart from that, we still hold them the same, and use them in a similar manner.
  3. Should I get a controller that can be used on my PC and console? – Well, depending on your gaming habits, you might want to get a cross platform controller. This is not a big deal – all modern Xbox and ps4 controllers can be used on both PC and consoles.
  4. How heavy is it? Is it too big for my hands? – Before buying a controller that you are going to game with daily, make sure its not too heavy or too light, and your hands should also be comfortable holding them. Now this can be tricky, considering most controllers are sold on online stores since its anyone’s guess how it will be like when you get it. A good practice is to always buy from trusted sellers with a return policy, just in case you end up not liking the controller.
  5. Does brand really matter? – Rather than leave you more confused than ever, use our list of the top 10 controllers for PC gaming to make informed decisions for your next controller.

Final note

I love playing games involving lots of shooting such as COD and CSGO and despite my love for controllers, I’m afraid I would prefer my point and shoot mouse over them any day. If you play these games, do you prefer the good old keyboard and mouse combo or a controller?