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Best ergonomic gaming chairs of 2017

Dedicated gamers or not, we still somehow find ourselves spending a lot of time sitting. Spending long hours in one body position is never good, and the same applies to sitting. You need a chair that has height adjustability, armrest elevation, and backrest locks. All these are some of the ergonomic features to look for in a gaming chair. We are going to feature 10 best ergonomic chairs for video gaming and office use that will help prevent our worst nightmare – Back pain.

How the price for ergonomic sitting has gone down!

A while back, buying a dedicated gaming chair was a huge investment to make. It was a financial leap few could manage to take. Most ergonomic gaming chairs were priced over $500, but the tide is changing. The Emperors, ottomans and DXracers are no longer the only options you are limited to. Affordable gaming chairs have taken over the market, pushing the price of ergonomic sitting down. Just remember that a good ergonomic gaming chair will still be expensive compared to ordinary office chairs in the sub $100 price range.

Premium Ergonomic gaming chairs of 2017

High – end ergonomic gaming chairs command a higher price tag, but your back will thank you for the investment. In terms of ergonomy, these chairs are pretty much maxed out. They have:

  • Armrest elevation
  • Backrest locks
  • Seat slides
  • Tilt tension
  • Lumbar support
  • Seat height adjustment

On top of all these, most of these chairs have dynamic adjustment. Change your posture and the gaming chair adjusts without much pressure on your back or butt.

Some of these premium ergonomic chairs include:

Steelcase Leap

This is one of the chairs that truly brings out the dynamic nature we need all gaming chairs to have. The steelcase leap gaming seat is designed to follow every change of posture and adapt to the new position without applying too much pressure on your spine. Forget about back pain concerns with the enhanced natural glide mechanism in the Steelcase, which allows you to lean back and recline as much as you want in a day without experiencing the feeling of being pushed back by the chair.

This much-needed feature puts the Steelcase Leap series among our best ergonomic gaming chairs of 2017. Steelcase have a total of 5 gaming chairs in the Leap range. All these chairs share the same features so depending on your taste, finding one that suits you shouldn’t be a problem.

Herman Miller Aeron Office and gaming ergonomic chair

Thought they are not similar in design, these two chairs share a lot in common. Herman Miller has what they call PostureFit SL and 8Z Pellicle suspension technologies. Just like the natural glide mechanism in the Steelcase Leap gaming chair, this feature allows you to change your posture in 8 different zones (both back and seat). The PostureFit SL is specially made to enhance lumbar and sacrum support.

Price wise, both gaming chairs cost well over $500, and this is their main downside. Also, used or refurbished models are hard to come by and often still cost an insane amount as well. At the time of writing, the Herman Miller starts at $780 at their official store .

Expensive gaming chairs aside, here’s our list of the top 10 ergonomic gaming chairs that are fairly priced.

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Beautiful affordable ergonomic office and gaming chairs for 2017

1.  Homall high back executive gaming chair

Starting off the list is the number one best seller in gaming chairs at the moment. Whether you are gaming, doing some office stuff or just enjoying a movie, this chair is fully adjustable to suit different postures. It is also one of the best ergonomic gaming chairs with full lumbar support. If you are looking for a gaming chair for the big and tall, this would also be one of the best options to go for. The high back has a full headrest, while the full recline function will let you lock it in any angle you want.

The tilting mechanism is useful, especially if you are like me and have a TV mounted some centimeters higher than my two monitors. Instead of having to strain your eyes looking up, you can just tilt your chair and you have a nice comfortable posture.


2.  Merax U knight Gaming chair

The U knight gaming char from Merax is similarly priced with the Homall above, but if you go for this instead, you get a footrest also. While not everyone’s cup of tea, footrests can be really useful when you mostly use your chair in a tilted angle. The Merax U Knight allows you to mess with its height to whichever angle you want(90 – 180 degrees).

merax - best ergonomic gaming chairs for 2017

The base is built of sturdy casters to ensure it can seat huge gamers for long periods. If you look around the edges of the chair, you realize it has a nice curved design, which when you sit on, holds your back comfortably for a bucket seat kind of feeling. Merax has this chair available in a wide range of colors, but this is the least expensive model you can go for. The rest (Blue and black and Yellow and Black) can go as high as $130.


3.  Langria Mesh Gaming chair (Mid back)

beautiful ergonomic gaming chairs of 2017

Mesh chairs are not very popular with gamers and there’s a reason why. Until recently, an ergonomic mesh chair with wheels cost a fortune. This is no longer the case, though, as affordable mesh gaming chairs such as Langria, among others are catching up. The langria mesh gaming chair highlights the comfort of ergonomic chairs in an affordable package thanks to features like the soft head and armrest, a tilt knob to enjoy different postures, and height adjustment.


4.  AmazonBasics  office chair (High Back)

best ergonomic gaming chairs for 2017

If you really want something with a nice touch of all the features of office chairs in the $100 – $200 range, this can be a safe bet. The AmazonBasics has been a resilient best seller in office furniture and true to its status, it has a number of good features you’ll love. The build quality is great, both the arm and headrest are padded with leather and overall this is one of the best affordable ergonomic office chair to go for if you are on a budget or if you have your reservations concerning other less known gaming chair brands.