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Best gaming desk for multiple gaming monitors

Everyone loves to have a real estate of monitors for their setup. If its not for increased productivity, then you want it to enhance your gaming experience. Since wall mounts for triple monitors are hard to come by, sometimes the old way will just do. Gaming desks help us keep all the clutter in place so that we can focus on gaming. Still, dedicated gaming desks are a rarity. Most people convert ordinary office desks or built one themselves. If you are not a fan of DIY, we came up with these best gaming desks for multiple gaming monitors.

Quick summary

Here are the desks that made our list of the best gaming chairs for multiple gaming monitors. To make things easy for you, We’ve sorted them by price in ascending order.

Last update was on: December 9, 2017 3:59 pm
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How we choose the best multi monitor gaming desk for you

What do we always look for in a gaming desk? Well, apart from the obvious reasons, the other main one has to be sufficient room. No one wants a small gaming desk that they cannot display gaming peripherals. A good gaming desk should be capable of storing/displaying your monitors, gaming PC, monitors, controllers, extra gaming gear, docking stations for laptops among other peripherals. These are generally the gaming desk must haves for most gamers.

The longer the list gets, however, the more cluttered desk you’ll have. This is where bigger and multi-functional desk come in. By multi-functional we mean a desk with drawers for extra gear, or those custom built ones that have a dedicated PC compartment. Now with larger gaming desks, we have another problem. Not everyone can have them. Reasons include limited budget, small home office space, or an even smaller dorm room. High-end gaming desks will come with features you’ll want such as inbuilt cable management, height adjustment and are made of high-quality materials. If budget is not really a problem, the sky is the limit for your options here.

A step down to the average PC gamer working on a reasonable budget, you might want to go for the standard shaped desk. These are common everywhere, and I’m sure you know a couple of friends who have them. It’s not a bad thing to have these kinds of desks, but compared to L shaped ones, they are a bit lacking. Taking space, for example, a L shaped gaming desk will fit that small corner in your office and at the same time give you double the space a standard shaped table would. For multi-monitor setups, L shaped desks are the best.Curved or U shaped desks come in close, but we’d still go for the L shaped.

Also, another reason to go for L shaped is that it’s so easy to have two setups for different functions on the same desk. When you are not lurking in the shadows with your assault rifle in COD, you can easily switch to productivity mode at your other setup.

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