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Best microphones for multiplayer gaming

Remember the days where you could only chat by console when playing some PC games? I recall using the console to chat with friends in Project IGI back in its days. Well, we still have people chat with consoles even today, but the voice functionality is taking over. Talking with your friends using a microphone while on a mission can really add some bang to your gaming experience, which is why in this article, we bring you the best microphones for multi-player gaming in 2017.

Best gaming microphones for multiplayer gaming

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What to look for when buying a Microphone for gaming

  1. Do you want to use it just as a USB MIC or a complete XLR? – You need a soundcard that’s compatible with your MIC in order to use an XLR. If you are buying the mic for your console, you’ll also need an external audio unit for this[The PS4 and Xbox one already have it]. So with all the requirements for an XLR, do you really need it?

XLR is common with professional gamers, but USB mics are really starting to catch up in terms of sound quality. They are also cheaper.

2. Find one that works seamlessly with your gaming PC or console and does not require a lot of work to set up.

3. Frequency response range – A good gaming microphone should have good frequency ranges that can be validated. Most cheap mics have very low bass and an irritating treble but will always be marketed as having powerful and deep bass.

4. Unidirectional vs Omni-directional – Do you want a microphone that can only capture sounds from one direction or side? Or are you after one that can capture your voice even when you are not in front of it? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Also, the third type of microphones is those that clip to your clothing. We see people use these mics all the time. They are really good at reducing ambient noise, hence worth checking out too.

5. warranty cover – If you are going to dent your bank account for a good high-end microphone, then at least get one with a year’s warranty or more.

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Does brand/cost really matter?

If you are getting a mic just for gaming, this shouldn’t be a big deal. Any of the options listed above will just work fine. However, if you do voice overs for professional videos or plan on making such kind of videos, you have no option but to step up to a premium microphone.