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Top 10 best open world games of 2017: What’s your Pick?

2017 is well underway, and we have had a decent share of new games being launched. Open world games have not been left behind, as we’ve had a ton of them being released as well. In this article, I am going to talk about the top 10 best open world games of 2017 to go for. These games are not just exciting, they’re full of adventure, realism, and suspense.

Top 10 best open world games of 2017


10.  Dark Souls 3

best open world games of 2016

Termed by many as one of the most difficult RPG game thanks to its complexity, Dark Souls 3 makes this list because of the challenging world it throws at you.  From trying to survive in a world of despair and substantial ruin, to working under new bosses, this game is just one open world game you don’t want to miss. An additional DLC, which gives you access to better weapons and armor sets is available for a modest fee, though you might want to play the stock DLC at first.

PC requirements? Well, a mid-range gaming  PC should be able to play this effortlessly. You need a PC with at least 8GB memory, a core i5 3.1 GHz CPU, DirectX 11 and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 465 or equivalent GPU should do the job for these best open world games of 2017.

best open world games of 2016

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9. Crackdown 3

best open world games of 2016

Platform: XBox One
Release Date: 2017

When you hear of Crackdown 3, you already know buildings are going down, thanks to its amazing trailer. If you love destructible environments, this is the next game you should be looking forward to.  Crackdown 3 is also pushing edges with what they call cloud computing, something that will give more than 20X the power of Xbox’s core machine. This is great because form what i have seen, there are a lot of skyscrapers coming down in multiplayer. The sound? Well, let me just say you’ll love it too.

8. No Man’s Sky

best open world games of 2016

You must have heard about this by now. No Man’s Sky is not just an open world game, it goes beyond that and makes it an open universe game shall we say. You have lots and lots of procedurally generated worlds for you to explore and perform a lot of activities as well. Spawn on your own individual planet and get this from me; you just won’t finish exploring the tons of planets at your disposal.

The game faced multiple delays that went on for like forever but finally came out in the last quarter of 2016. While it may not have lived up to the hype it had garnered before release, new patches are now pushing No Man’s sky up amongst the best open world games again.
Platform: PC PS4

7. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

best open world games of 2016

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One
Release Date: May 24, 2016

I don’t know if you played the original mirrors edge catalyst, but if you did, you know it is not an open world game. Its linear, kind of arcade, but at the end of the day, its what introduced hardcore annex into first-person games, hence makes this list of best open world games of 2017.  Non-canonical or not, I do know the world and character that I really enjoy a lot and having the ability to do a lot more with those elements. I really hope this game is good because frankly enough, I think I’d love a lot more mirror’s edge in my life.

6. The Legend of Zelda Wii U


Platform: Wii U

Most Zelda games are always kind of open world, but this looks more westernized while carrying on the traditions we love about Zelda games. The Hyrule field looks just fantastic, better than any Hyrule I’ve seen before.

The color pallet looks just amazing, adding to the already high definitions of this game.

5. Mafia 3

best open world games of 2016
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One OS X Mac

Another series of best open world games of 2017 that had a lot of ideas, it hasn’t really pulled them all together as Mafia. Once again, it seems like this is the game where they’re finally gonna do it. There have been a lot fewer entries to Mafia than there has been to Yakuza. However,  Mafia 3 looks like they’ve pulled all the concepts they’ve had from one & two, then added new to make a much more cohesive package. This makes it look like it’s on the level of grand theft auto.

4. Far Cry Primal


Platform: PS4 Xbox ONE  released February 23, 2016
Release Date for PC: March 1, 2016

This is one great cool looking game that takes the mechanics of far cry and drops them to prehistoric times and I think is still one of the best open world games of 2016. This obviously means you’re not going to have guns. What you’ll have are bows and arrows as well as other primitive weapons. You are also not going to be fighting other people but nature itself. In some ways it is probably going to scream Turok dinosaur without all the weirdness but with a different kind of weirdness. Let’s face it, this is one open world game that can have a weird sense of humor.  I think Ubisoft did a commendable job here.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform: PS4

When it comes to cool open world games, this has to among the cream of the crop. It looks kind of like a prehistoric game except for the dinosaurs and wildlife happened to be machines. The game is set a thousand years from now, in a state where human civilization has been abandoned. The developer says the guerrilla games are somewhat between assassins creed and sky-rim and let’s face it, those are cool things to put your game in between.

Guerrilla games do a great job with the kill-zone games and this concept is a freaking dynamite in my opinion. I just can’t wait for one of the best open world games of 2017.

2. Final Fantasy XV


Platform: PS4 Xbox One

I’m really excited about Final Fantasy. If they’re able to put together a story that’s easy to get emotionally invested in, I don’t see how this game could be half-baked.  Square Enix exactly doesn’t have a great track record games but when it comes to this one, they clearly outdid themselves. For that reason, it comes second best in our best open world games of 2017.

1. The Division


Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Another game that’s been in development forever but finally hit the stores on March 8th, 2016, Tom Clancy’s passion for mid-crisis open world gaming is truly highlighted in the Division. The game has received an astounding 80% meta critic score thanks to what it brings more of just an apocalypse.  A mid-crisis setting gives us the opportunity to say this is our current world as society breaks down. The plot of the game is basically a smallpox pandemic that starts on Black Friday. Somebody put the virus on the money, which people, in turn, spend it on black Friday. The result? Black Friday becomes even darker. There are the trampling deaths and all chaos but thighs get worse. Everything devolves into this war zone and there are various factions attempting to grab power.

Upcoming Open world games for PS4, PC and Xbox in 2017 – 18

With 2017 well underway and Autumn coming around – the season where most games are released, here are upcoming games to watch out for in 2017/2018:

  • Albion Online
  • Shenmue 3
  • Dual Universe
  • Middle-earth: shadow of war.
  • Far cry 5