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best pro gaming equipment ps3

The console generation is definitely starting to take solid ground right now, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 continuing what has been a gradual growth by their predecessors. Even though PC gaming has its share of enthusiasts, there can never be shortage of fans of the console. The PlayStation 3 undoubtedly still has a sweet spot among many console fans. I personally thought I’d sell on my PlayStation 3 for its latest sibling but somehow I always find something i still like with this old console. Of course different gamers will have different reasons for carrying on with their PlayStation 3, but at the end of the day we all agree its still widely used. In this article, we are not going to raise such an argument(why PS3 is still cool), but we are going to look at the best gaming equipment ps3 owners should have.


One place where you might get spoilt for choice is definitely the number of accessories for you to complete your console, and because Sony keeps on releasing accessories even for their old consoles, we came up with this awesome list.


**This list includes Add-ons not made by SONY**

List of Best pro gaming equipment ps3

5.  Logitech Driving Force GT racing Wheel for PS3

logitech2gaming equipment ps3

Pro gaming is all about creating an experience as real as possible, and the Logitech driving force GT gives racers exactly that. Well reviewed countless times by PS3 gamers, this is one of the best racing companions if you are after as much realism as possible. Logitech is a renowned manufacturer of gaming accessories and this is without doubt one of the things they do best. Even if you are not into PC racing and are after relaxed and focused games such as Euro Truck simulator, Bus simulator or farming simulator, its 900-degree wheel rotation and 24 position adjustment dial are going to impress you.

If you do a lot of trucking games, the sequential stick shift, force feedback technology, and responsive brake and gas pedals are among the features that will thrill you with this wheel.

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4. Logitech Cordless precision controller for PS3

Every pro-gamer knows that without the ultimate weapon, you are not going to experience the best out of your console and with Logitech’s precision controller, you already have cover on one side. The reason why we recommend this a controller as backup in case your dual-shock 3 calls it a day suddenly is because it performs just as well as Sony’s and other manufacturers’ controllers. Though it takes some time to master, overall its one awesome controller thanks to Logitech’s full 360 range movement.

3. Elgato game capture HD


Have you ever been to twitch or any youtube gaming channel and felt the urge to also entertain an audience with your games? If you have such thoughts already or want to try it out, this is the first tool you’ll need. It comes readily compatible with twitch and with just a single cable, you can seamlessly connect it to your PS3. As more gamers start recording their games to upload to streaming sites, the Elgato capture HD is one gaming equipment PS3 gamers should check out.

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2. Playstation Gold – Wireless gaming Headset

gaming equipment ps3

Finally something made by the console’s parent, Sony. We all know Sony are among the top of the range manufacturers of quality sound accessories and headphones are no exception.  This PS3 gold wireless headset is set to rock your ingame sounds thanks to its comfortable earmuffs and super adaptable audio. The wireless experience is awesome, the quality is good and generally this is one of the best PS3 gaming headsets to go for.

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  1. FE08NB Gaming Chair FNATIC Racing chair

gaming equipment ps3

A beauty to every gamer’s eye yet a very comfortable and practical gaming chair, this is also a great gaming equipment ps3 pro gamers should have (if possible). The price might be a little off the mark for some, but if you have the means this should be among your considerations. Comfort is one of the selling factors of this chair, with the extra pillow cushioning and advanced padding for your back to ensure long gaming hours do not end in back pains whatsoever. You also get an adjustable armrest, and a 90 – 180 degree recline on top of the 360 degree swivel base. For that reason, the DXRacer FEo8NB tops our ratings in this list of best gaming equipment pS3 pro gamers should have.

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That comes to the end of our review of what gaming equipment ps3 gamers should add to the stock arsenal. What are your thoughts? Now if you remember, at the beginning i somewhat wandered into the PS4 versus PS3 thing. This could ave made things lengthy here, so how about we reserve it for our next post?

In  our next article, we are going to pitch the PlayStation 3 against its latest cousin, the PlayStation 4.

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