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Best Sony headphone earbuds for 2017

When you just want to listen to music with sonic performance and high quality without causing any noise around, headphones come into mind. Since inception, headphones have played a big part of music lovers, gamers and film enthusiasts. To have the perfect experience, finding any headphones is not enough. You still need to go for the best headphone earbuds you can lay your hands on. Sony electronics make some of the best headphone earbuds in the market, and in this article, we are going to review some of the best Sony headphone earbuds of 2017 to go for.

 6 best sony headphone earbuds

(6)  Sony MDR-EX10LP/DBL headphone earbuds

sony headphone earbuds

If you want a great sound range with a powerful bass and treble, this is the perfect headphone earbud for you. With a length of 47.2 X 0.5 X 0.6 inches, its long and also large enough to fit anyone’s size. The MDR-EX10LP/DBL outdoes many headphone earbuds that are way above its cost because of the perfection Sony have done to the highs, lows, and mids. Everything is well covered to suit your audio needs.


(5)   Sony MDR-EX110AP-B Ex earbud Style headphones

sony headphone earbuds

The MDR-EX110AP-B Ex delivers dynamic audio performance with its enhanced 3-inch hybrid silicon earbuds. The 9mm driver units ensure you also get to enjoy a rich sound with powerful bass.



(4) MDREX15LP fashion Color EX series Sony headphone earbuds

sony headphone earbuds



Another powerful sony headphone earbuds made using hybrid silicone, the MDREX15LP has  9mm dome type driver units to give you the perfect balance between bass and treble. Its magnets are made of high energy neodymium to give it a rich, powerful sound. It comfortably fits in your ears and does not cause any discomfort even when used over long periods of time.







(3) Sony MDRXB50AP extra bass earbud headset

With an integrated microphone and a playback control for your smartphone, these sony headphone earbuds are comfortable, powerful and last long. They come with 12mm dome type driver units to deliver rich bass and a powerful treble sound for all your audio needs.


(2) Sony MDREX15AP Fashion Color EX Series headphone earbud

sony headphone earbuds

This powerful sony headphone earbud combines the high energy neodymium magnets and the 9mm dome type driver units to give a powerful sound. It has an integrated mic and a smartphone playback control. These hybrid silicone earbuds ensure security and comfort are kept at their best.


(1)  Sony MDRE9LP/BLU headphone earbuds

sony headphone earbuds

The MDRE9LP/BLU sports a colorful design and a wide range of colors to choose from. This is the type of headphone which allows you to enjoy a super – powerful bass on the go. It has a 13.5mm driver unit and its magnets are made using neodymium to guarantee a powerful sound experience.


Wrapping up on this updated list of six best sony headphone earbuds

Of course, there are other great selections of Sony or different brands of headphones out there so it is upon you to decide which to go for. A lot has changed since we first wrote this article – prices have gone down, while some have gone up. Either way, these headphone earbuds are still among the best and still offer good value for money.

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