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Cheap pre built gaming PC. Budget: ($500)

In the current age of PC gaming, highly demanding video games in terms of graphics and performance command how you should design your rig. One major turn off when it comes to buying a complete solid gaming PC is usually the cost. Even though you might get some discounts by purchasing online, this doesn’t beat the bargain you get building your own. If you want to build a cheap pre built gaming PC but have no time to select individual parts, this article is going to help you assemble all the components you need so that what you are left with is the actual process of purchasing and building only.

In other words, what we are doing here is assembling all the parts we think will make up our $500 PC, then giving you the link to directly buy them from a premade Amazon list. We will, therefore, add a “Get this PC” link at the end of this article to take you to your shopping cart.


See what we assume you already have:

We are going to assume you already have a display and a good keyboard as we have not included them in this budget.

Let’s now assemble this cheap pre built gaming PC

If you are looking for a cheap pre built gaming PC and are willing to spend up to $500, you’ve come to the right place.

For this amount, you can easily come up with a really powerful gaming PC that can handle more than what current games require. For this build, we are going to use parts that are literally going to give you the same experience a $1000 complete PC from the manufacturer will.

Here are the parts that we believe will build you a $500 gaming PC worth bragging about.

cheap pre built gaming pc


cheap pre built gaming PC

cheap pre built gaming PC


  • Power supply Unit: Antec VP-450W


cheap pre built gaming PC

Other optional

  • THRM:  EGC High-Performance
  • Mouse: EGC Gaming Mouse
  • Operating System: Windows 10

Which is the best operating system for our cheap pre built gaming PC?

Unlike our previous build guides, this time, we have included an operating system, going for Windows 10. In what some may agree or disagree, choice of operating systems matters a lot when it comes to gaming. Currently, the most widely used are windows 7 and windows 10. These are the most viable options, and by having either of these, you’ll be able to play almost any PC game currently available.

While both of these two options(windows 7 and 10) are suitable for gaming, we thought you might want to know some aspects before settling for one…

Using windows 7  for your cheap pre built gaming PC

Ask any gaming enthusiasts and they’ll tell you windows 7 is one of the best operating systems to get for your new gaming PC. Since it has been around for quite some time, its very stable, and is by now very familiar to users than both windows 8 and 10. Performance is pretty decent in this operating system, though Windows 10 clearly pulls ahead.

Using windows 7 for your gaming PC might still be the best option right now, but when we project to later years, there’s no certainty. First of all, Microsoft has now ended their support for windows 7, this, of course, aimed at pushing more people to migrate to windows 10. While nothing may be affected now, you might have problems in the near future.

Using Windows 10 for your cheap Prebuilt gaming PC

Yet to have the impact windows 7 had on the market, both windows 8 and 10 have not made very many fans. They have often been harshly criticized for multiple errors and attacks, though windows 10 suffered less. Using windows 10 for your gaming PC comes with a few benefits worth noting, however. It comes with DirectX 12, the first version to fully utilize multi-core CPUs. Even though many games are yet to utilize directX 12, you will have an operating system that is future proof. It might not be a bad idea to actually embrace what the future wants us to be now, rather than have to be forced to adapt in the coming years.

Generally, the choice here is entirely yours, so go for what you think will be good for your cheap pre built gaming PC, not necessarily our selection.

Any comments or suggestions? we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.