Emperor 200 gaming chair – The insanely expensive gaming chair that will make you jealous!

Next time you want to spend $45,000+ on a vehicle, you really need to ditch that idea and get a gaming chair worth the same price. What could possibly go wrong….At the very least, you’ll be more comfortable than in the Car/SUV. The Emperor 200 gaming chair costs more than a New Land Rover Discovery Sport and a whole lot of (better) things $40K can buy. Who in their right mind would buy it, then? Well, you will be shocked because, for some reason, a lot of people actually buy the emperor 200 gaming chair from MWE labs.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s how the Emperor 200 computer workstation looks like:

Emperor 200 gaming chair in Pictures


Emperor 200 gaming chair


Emperor 200 gaming workstation


Most expensive gaming chair - emperor 200

This is just my prebuilt version of the Emperor 200 gaming chair. I’m not so good at color choice, but I think this is the color combination I’d choose for my MWE workstation. You can head over to their lab and use their free builder to customize your own gaming or productivity workstation.

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Features of the emperor 200 gaming chair setup

  • Overhead sturdy frame with working lights and a fixed mount for three monitors.
  • Choice of two seats: Standard andIron horse.
  • Heated gaming chair.
  • Choice of three audio systems: Kanto, Bose C5 digital, and Kanto with a Subwoofer.
  • Choice of either one or two side table to stay connected with your laptop or Tablet.
  • Optional custom front plate and seat logos.
  • Complete air filtering system.
  • Fully motorized seat adjustments for minimal effort.
  • Optional RGB Led lighting with remote control.
  • Choice of either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Hub and cables.
  • A wide range of color choice for paint and decorative trims for the frame.

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Best alternatives to the Emperor 200 gaming chair

If you’re like me and would rather spend my $45K on a 5 series or something more sensible, you might want to look at these cheaper alternatives to the emperor 200.

  • Emperor 1510

This is the closest alternative you can go for since it’s also made by MWE Lab. The Emperor 1510 is a stripped down of the 200, but still maintains the Bose speakers, LED, and a nice leather chair.

Starting at around $6200, the Emperor 1510 gaming workstation is definitely still out of reach for most people.

Here’s what the chair + workstation looks like:

emperor 1512

  • J20

A gaming workstation with the sole purpose of winning customers who can’t afford to sit on the Emperor’s throne, the J20 is a good alternative as well. It starts at around 1800USD, and I’m pretty much certain you’ve seen it in Amazon search results for the term “gaming workstations”. The J20 workstation is made by a Chinese firm and comes with similar features as the Emperors at a fraction of their prices.

The setup really looks futuristic and will still have the wow factor when friends come over. Just like the Emperor 200, it comes with soft LED lights, heating, massage, and vibration settings for the chair and a side slot where you can store your tower PC or console. All these are held together by a sturdy steel frame with a powdered coating finish.

  • Volair Sim

This is another gaming workstation with not much going on really. It doesn’t have the overhead frame, no fancy heated seats, no air filtering and many other features found in the two chairs above. However, Volair sim is one gaming chair and workstation combo that you actually can afford. The setup costs less than $700 and is highly customized for playing simulation games.

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Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis with Triple Monitor...

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Where to buy the Emperor 200 and J20 gaming workstations

If you are interested in purchasing any of the gaming chairs we talked about above, please toss us an email at support@dancuns.com and we will get back to you.

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