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How to use astro a40 with Xbox one console – full guide


Recently, one of our readers asked us how to use Astro a40 with Xbox one console. Assuming this reader wants to use this audio system for their console setup, we compiled this guide for him and everyone else who wants to pair this system with their Xbox one. Feel free to chime in down at the comments section with your thoughts and suggestions.

What you’ll need

The most important thing to ensure you have updated is the firmware for MixAmp pro. Having the latest version prevents any connection problems and enhances performance.
To get the latest firmware, go to your windows PC or MAC and click here to visit their official download site. Locate the support tab[Look for it around the top right corner]. There you will find the firmware download link.

How to use astro a40 with Xbox one

Once the firmware is downloaded, follow these steps:
1. Connect the USB to USB mini cable that comes with the system to one of the several USB ports found on your computer.
2. Open the Astro gaming software. A series of Instructions will be laid down. Follow each of them in order to successfully update MixAmp Pro.

Once the firmware is up to date, here’s how to use Astro a40 with Xbox one

1. On your MixAmp Pro, locate the input port marked USB. This is pretty obvious, and it’s very hard to miss such a well-known port.
2. Now connect the USB to USB mini cable to the USB port on the MixAmp Pro.
3. Apart from the USB to USB mini cable, you will also find an optical cable in the audio system. Connect this to the optical input on your MixAmp Pro.How to use astro a40 with Xbox one
4. Now you are left with one free end of the USB to USB mini cable. Connect this to any USB port on your Xbox one.
5. Do the same again for the included optical cable. Connect it to the optical output on your Xbox one.

Double check to ensure everything is plugged in the correct slots. If you did mess with the connection, no game audio will be heard.

How to use astro a40 with Xbox one
6. Now this has taken forever, but this is it, finally. At this stage, all you are left to do is to connect the a40 to the headphone port that is usually found on the front side of the MixAmp Pro.

Now that you have known How to use Astro a40 with Xbox one, on comes the task of configuring settings on the Xbox one.

1. Go to the Xbox live dashboard and press the start button on your controller. Still easy, huh?
2. Navigate down to the settings tab. Here you’ll find a Display and Sound menu. Go to optical audio,>select “bitstream out”
3. On the Bitstream format navigation results, select Dolby Digital.
4. Done, now you can go back to the setting menu and select “Use Kinect mic for chat.” This improves the overall clarity of your gaming conversations in the game.

Wrapping it up

These are the steps to follow when connecting and using Astro A40 with your Xbox one. Now that you know How to use Astro a40 with Xbox one, We’d appreciate it if you left us a comment down below and share this article.