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HyperX cloud Stinger review: Best gaming headset under $50?

Kingston’s HyperX division clearly have their sights set on something big this time, and the new cloud stinger validates our claim. Their latest headset – the HyperX cloud stinger is definitely not messing around, and is sure to eat a chunk of the mainstream audience. The HyperX cloud and the HyperX cloud II have been around for some time now, but the cloud stinger is their latest addition. If you are in the market looking to replace your headset with a quality affordable one, this $50 gaming headset is definitely worth checking out. While this price is quite attractive, you definitely still want to know more about this headset before cashing in. That’s exactly the reason why I made this Hyper X cloud stinger review.

Kingston has won major wars while competing in the $100 headset class, their products outselling more popular brands. This time round, they have decided to narrow the competition down to the $50 class headphones. So did Kingston deliver the same quality at half the price? Not really. One way or another, they cut costs on something, as we shall be seeing later in the review.

Right away, here are some quick stats about the headset:


HyperX cloud stinger

Model: –  HyperX Cloud Stinger

Design: –  3.55mm

What can you use it on? –  PC, console, Tablets and Smartphones.

How much does it Cost?  – $50

Is it already available for purchase?  – Yes

7.5 Total Score
1 reviews
One of Best gaming headsets under $50

7.5Editor's score
Sound Quality
Design and Comfort
9User's score
Sound Quality
Design and Comfort
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Impressive sound with Gorgeous bass
  • At extreme volume levels, the sound clarity is poor
  • Low-quality MIC
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Sound Quality of the HyperX Cloud Stinger

Right from the moment you try this headset for the first time, one thing comes out clear. The goal of this device is to simply provide premium sound quality and comfort at an affordable price. While it may not be as good as a $200 headset in terms of extra features like surround sound 7.1. Apart from that, it pretty nails everything else. You are going to love the great sound that comes with a rich bass, something budget headset manufacturers usually ignore. Few headsets in the $50 range can actually sound better that the Cloud stinger.


Like premium headsets, the cloud stinger is designed to ensure you get to hear even the faintest of sounds and movements in games. This is all down to their choice of quality materials and sound drivers.

Comfort, Design, and Weight

While most cheap headsets tend to be unnecessarily large and bulky, this isn’t the case with the HyperX Cloud stinger. For it’s price, it’s relatively lightweight, meaning you can use it for extended periods of gaming. If you often game for long hours, having the Cloud Stinger can make one easily forget they are wearing a headset, the only reminder being when you want to mute or unmute the MIC. Basically, the operation here is quite simple: pulling it down activates it and pushing it down mutes it.

On the comfort side of things, this headset has a well-secured fit that prevents it from digging into your head, which would cause discomfort. No matter the size of you head, adjust it to your choice and the fit stays put. All these clever tweaks by Kingston make this headset a worthy all-round companion.

What I wish I could say I’m happy about too

While it excels in may areas, the HyperX cloud Stinger isn’t the perfect of headsets. Below are some of the things you won’t exactly be happy about with this headset.

  1. At extreme volume levels, the sound becomes distorted and loses some clarity. In a gaming scenario where missiles are flying around and buildings going down, you might want to tone down the volume to medium levels to get the best of it. Like I said before, Kingston had to cut back on costs in some areas, this being one of them.
  2. The microphone isn’t great, so do not expect the best clarity while interacting with your friends in multi – player games. Default MICs built into high-end Laptops and Webcams can easily do better. Don’t get me wrong here, there are no scratches or something worse that that. It’s just the overall sound quality that won’t be the best. However, only pro gamers should have an issue with this. For casual gamers, few will notice the difference anyway.

Concluding the HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

By now you know that this is a budget gaming headset with some punch of quality here and there. If you have some $20 to $30 to spare, consider checking out the HyperX Cloud I. This headset is a step up from the Stinger and delivers better all – round quality. However, if $50 is your budget, this is the real deal. It is way better than other headsets in it’s class in terms of sound quality and design.