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Here are the must have back cushions to support your lumbar

In the world of today, a good number of the activities are done in a sitting position. This amount of time we spend sitting down isn’t going down anytime soon either. You drive to work sitting down, burn your 9-5 while sat, drive back home, catch a film, play some PC or console games, eat…all these times, you’re sitting down. You already know where this is headed, right? Back pain is real, and our lifestyles are the biggest cause. Now because we agree that sitting for long hours is now part of our lives, we have to find ways to make sure this doesn’t lead us to a series of back problems later in life. In this post, we will be checking out some of the must have back cushions for lumbar support that prevent back pain.

A brief overview of what we will be covering:

Our top 10 choices for the best back cushions for lumbar support

Even though we recommend every back cushion listed below, remember that persistent back pain should not be ignored. See a doctor for consultation on what office chairs and back foams will be suitable for you. It would be nice to experiment with a number of these chair cushions to identify which one suits your sitting habits well, but again we do understand the issue of budget constraints. Don’t worry though, this is an open list with both high end and affordable cushions to prevent back pain.

The first thing you’ll love about the back brace has to be the dual adjustable straps. Consider it a combination of two features in one – Best back braces and posture correction in one lumbar support. Even if you’re wearing just a vest or nothing at all, you’ll find that this back brace will fit your body nicely.

We also love the breathable mesh they used to make this back brace because, in a typical office where you maintain one posture for long hours, good airflow around your back is important for optimum comfort and productivity.

Some people have complained about this brace is too stiff for their backs, which brings us to its downsides. Another drawback is that temperatures tend to increase after long use, which can cause discomfort.

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Advantages of back and lumbar support cushions

  • Good sitting posture – Having an upright, head up posture for a lifetime is everyone’s wish, but with what we do on our daily grind, this is difficult to achieve. Having a good ergonomic gaming chair or car seat with back braces will help you maintain a confident and attractive look in the long term.
  • You can use them on almost any chair – Back pillows are common among long haul drivers and pro gamers, but apart from those environments, you can pretty much use them anywhere. Back cushions with memory foam will follow your body shape and the posture you assume to keep your lower spine always supported. Those that come with adjustable straps can be fastened to any chair to keep you in one position.
  • They are not expensive – Forget about all those expensive ergonomic chairs[I’m looking at you, Herman Miller] that you cannot afford and go for a simple lumbar support cushion. Strap it on an ordinary office chair and your back will thank you for it.
  • They prevent slouching – Slouching is where your lower spine starts to bend in the wrong direction, and is always a recipe for a host of back problems including spine restructuring. A good back and lumbar support cushion prevent this from happening by preventing your back from harmful bending by enforcing a good upright posture.
  • Save yourself from future trips to chiropractors for endless physical therapy – Treating or at least controlling the severity of back pain is not cheap, especially when you are no longer at peak productivity. Rather than let this silent killer develop in you over your productive years, get yourself a lumbar support brace today. You don’t want to spend your later years walking around slightly bent forward with a walking stick on one hand. You seriously don’t want to be that guy.
  • Portability – Unlike a complete gaming chair or a fully ergonomic car seat that can only be used in the place they are made for, you can carry these things anywhere. You can even have just a single cushion for office use, traveling, driving, and watching at home.
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Factors to consider when buying a back cushion/brace for lumbar support

We buy back braces to help our backs. That’s the point. However, we really buy these cushions to help us assume different postures without hurting our backs. That was a very weird explanation for ergonomics, but I’m sure you understand. Here are the things you need to look for in a back brace before looking at your wallet.

  • Horizontal motion – Does the backrest move from one side to another to enable the hand rail to follow along with your body movements? A good ergonomic back cushion or brace should have this feature. Not all do, so you might want to double check the item description to ensure the one you choose has horizontal backrest movement.
  • Backrest height – How high is the lumbar brace? Generally, you want to go for a backrest that will nicely fit your lower back. Tall or short, these braces are available in different sizes so be sure to check out with one of your sizes.
  • Does it allow you sit in different positions? – Go for a back cushion that can let you assume different postures without it losing its functionality. There are cushions that let you adjust this feature to your liking, but they command a higher price tag.