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Popular gaming chairs with no wheels in 2017

We all spend long hours sitting while gaming. As a result, it is always advisable to have an ergonomic chair. The market is awash with all types of gaming chairs, both ergonomic and not. Though we have seen people use console gaming chairs in their PC gaming setups as well, many prefer the traditional wheelbase style. If you are interested in getting yourself or your kid(s) console gaming chairs with no wheels, we came up with these popular chairs.

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Last updated on December 12, 2017 5:21 am

X rocker and V rocker make most of this list and it shouldn’t be a surprise. They are the most sought after console gaming chairs with no wheels. Their chairs are not only cheap, but they come with wireless connectivity features. Other affordable brands include Cohesion and Birdrock, though the latter might not quite appeal to everyone’s taste. Related:

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In terms of comfort, bean bag chairs can be very comfy and fun as well. It might be difficult to find one high enough to use with a desk, but you won’t have any problems sitting in front of a TV.

Of the chairs in the table above, bean bag gaming chairs are the cheapest, so you might want to consider it if you are shopping for a gaming chair on a tight budget. Even when you are not gaming, bean bag chairs can be used for general sitting at home or office thanks to their comfort nature.

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Custom made gaming chairs with no wheels

Over time, custom all in one gaming chairs have grown popularity. These all in ones comprise of a fixed gaming chair [could be any type], a footrest for your pedals and a custom stand in front with mounts for your monitor(s). On each side and at the center, there are custom holders for gaming equipment such as racing wheels, joysticks, and shifters.

Such custom setups don’t come cheap, and unless you are a hardcore simmer, you’ll be fine with just a cheap gaming chair with a rocker or a flat base. Most custom gaming chairs with extras[such as this] mainly target PC gamers, as evidenced by the proximity of the chair to the display mounts.

Why console gamers like gaming chairs with no wheels

Many PC gamers play in a desk environment and often have to handle a bit of productivity as well. As a result most would go for a gaming chair with wheels to easily move around their real estate. Come to console gamers, though, the story is a bit different. Bean bag, rocker, and pedestal gaming chairs generally run the show. First of all, the bean bag and rocker don’t give you much movement capabilities – you can only rock back and forth. Pedestal gaming chairs, however, let you swivel left and right, which is okay for most Xbox and PS4 gamers.

Do you use any of these gaming chairs with no wheels? What are some other chairs you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below.