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Our commitment to your privacy

We at acknowledge that the protection of all the information we receive from our customers and guests is very crucial. By collecting such information, we are able to better understand your needs and be more responsive to you, as well as develop and maintain this website to remain relevant to your needs.

Information may be collected through various ways such as communication with customers, reviews, comments and direct mail. At some point, we may also collect information through social media and this is also to enable us to understand your wants better so that we can come up with perfect review criteria for you.

The information we collect is mostly on- personal information, which means information that can’t be used to identify you. Personal information, however, includes your email addresses and login details for users who prefer logging in using social media platforms. We, however, are only a review site, therefore, we don’t process credit cards at the moment. Be aware that this policy may change at later stages in the development of this website but expect an update email from us regarding this beforehand.

Whom we share your Information with does not sell, rent or lease your information in any way to third parties, except we may disclose some non-personal information to companies where we are affiliated. This information is useful when it comes to shipping of goods and purchase of products or services. Remember that we will not share of this information without your consent, so you perfectly have control over what you want to share.

Because is entirely based on affiliate links to service providers, shops and manufacturers, the communication points may include links to & from other websites we are affiliated with. We provide you this links as a matter of convenience and for informational purpose only.  When you access these links, we are not responsible for what happens next on the affiliate sites. We, therefore, do not claim any warranty as to the practices, security, and content you will find on these third party websites. The responsibility is entirely yours.

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If you have any questions, comments, complaints or concerns regarding our outlined privacy policy statement, you are open to contact us at and we’ll be more than glad to serve you.