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Stop ignoring them – 10 best wrist pads for your gaming setup

wrist rests do not get the same accolade as say a graphics card or a mouse. We get it. They are not among the flashy things that complement a setup and in some cases, they actually add ‘clutter’ to your desk. However, with us spending time on our computers more than ever for work and play, our bodies are left to meet the consequences of this. Just like any other part of our body, our wrists need to be placed on a comfortable surface to prevent health risks. In this article, we will be checking out some of the best wrist pads for your gaming setup or office desk setup that are suitable for long computer use without creating pressure and stress on your wrist joints.

overview of what we will be covering:

10 best wrist rests for your gaming setup



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Advantages of having wrist pads for you gaming setup

  • They help maintain a correct wrist posture – Wrist pads/rests do a good job in supporting your wrists by keeping them in a neutral straight posture. This ensures there are no stress points anywhere even over long hours typing or gaming.
  • They bridge the gap between you and the keyboard for the correct elbow height. When you are typing with the rest of your hand far below your keyboard or some inches above, the angle you create causes pressure on the wrist tendons which with prolonged use, could lead to injury.
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Factors to consider when buying a wrist pad for your gaming or office use

  1. Get the right size – Don’t complicate things further. If you get a wrist rest that’s too bulky, it will definitely apply more pressure on the lower side of your wrist. Go for one that’s not too big and not higher than the few inches your keyboard is raised above the table.
  2. What is it made of? – Whatever material the wrist pad you get is made of, at least make sure it doesn’t prevent the free flow of air. Your palms can get sweaty and will occasionally rest on it when you’re not typing.