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What is the best motherboard for i7 6700k in 2017?

As a professional gamer, If Z170 is not your choice gaming motherboard, your next remedy would almost certainly be an X99. Okay so if you recently bought your intel i7 6700K processor and are in the market for a new board for your high -end gaming CPU, you have come to the right place. In this post, I am going to go through some of the best boards for intel’s latest processor, and finally, give my opinion on the best motherboard for i7 6700K to complete your gaming setup.

Right so as I already mentioned above, the choice here boils down to two platform variants; X99 and Z170. These are enthusiast boards, thanks to their no-nonsense approach to high-end gaming. So which one between the two should you go for? If you compare their pricing, there’s little to separate the two. However, if we look at things like the number of PCIe lanes,  X99 edges Z170s. In terms of GPU pairing also, you’ll most probably go for the X99 because it can run 2 cards with PCIe X16, unlike Z170’s 2X PCIe X8. In this post, I’ll discuss the best motherboards for i7 67ooK  from both platforms.

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Comparison Table

Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Gigabyte Z170X gaming 7 MSI Godlike Carbon Asus X99 Sabertooth
SLI and crossfire
DVI and D-sub ports
USB 3.1? Up to 10GB/s Up to 16GB/s
VR support

Platform 1: Best Z170 motherboard for i7 6700K

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Asus Z170 Pro Gaming DDR4  Intel LGA1151 SATA (6Gb/s)


This is undoubtedly the best Z170 motherboard you can get for your intel i7 6700K at the moment. The reason why I say this is because the board is stuffed with not some, but all the features you’ll want in a gaming motherboard. Being an overclock focused board, it comes with its own technology called the Pro Clock, which will help you push your processor to the Max. A lot of people who have bought this board actually buy it together with the i7 6700K, and as a result, the board has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.


                Features of the Z170 pro gaming motherboard

Being a top of the range board, the Z170 comes with a host of features including:

  1. SupremeFX – This is a feature geared towards delivering the best uninterrupted audio clarity. Asus does this by use of SupremeFX shielding. This way, audio has a separate circuit to ensure there are no interferences with the normal board circuit.
  2. USB 3.1 – On board this MOBO is the fastest dual USB ports you can get at the moment, these being typed A/C and M.2. These ports have speeds of up to 10GB/s, while additional six USB 3.1 have 5GB/s.
  3. Vanguard, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, and Game first III all add up to give you secure networking while gaming.
  4. RamCache  – This is something you’ll love as it speeds up your games.


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  Gigabyte Z170X gaming 7 (LGA1151)


This is the closest alternative you have for the Asus Z170. While it doesn’t match Asus in terms of features, support and overall build quality, it’s the best Z170 board for the money. It also has the LGA 1151 socket, which is primarily for 6th Gen Desktop intel processors, so the i7 6700K should feel at home on this board. The Gigabyte Z170X gaming 7 will also prove to be a worthy choice if you plan on pairing graphics cards. The board allows triple AMD crossfire and SLI for Nvidia GPU’s.


Features of the Gigabyte Z170X gaming 7

  1. USB 3.1 – On top of this fastest port is the USB type C, which is actually the universal connector we shall be using in the coming years.
  2. 3 way GPU support for multiple cards, and a durable metal shielding on the PCIe slots.
  3. 3 SATA express connectors for speeds of up to 16GB/s.
  4. LED trace path – These are available in a wide range of color choices.
  5. Integrated HDMI 2.0


Platform II: Best X99 Motherboard for i7 6700K

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  MSI Godlike carbon motherboard (LGA 2011 – 3)

best motherboard for i7 6700K

Credit should go to MSI for this awesome board. They clearly went over the board to ensure we have something for top level gaming with the 6700K CPUs. Right from the original Godlike, the design was spot on, thanks to the signature red and black color theme that came with it. MSI have now given you more ability to mess with the colors in the Godlike Carbon, giving no room for accidental color schemes.

Moving away from the RGB side of things, the Godlike Carbon is packed with just about everything you’d want as a gamer. The only thing[Minor] that lets it down is the lack of integrated water cooling. If you’re adamant on water cooling your MSI board, you can get a custom water cooling kit from best power.


    Features of the MSI Godlike Carbon

The ‘god’ of MSI certainly comes with some irresistible features including:

  1. USB 3.1 for faster connectivity.
  2. LGA 2011-3 socket for core i7 CPU support.
  3. Mystic light – Ability to choose/design your own color in the new boards.
  4. Card pairing – the board supports 4 way NVIDIA SLI and AMD crossfire.
  5. Free Streaming software – The board comes with a year’s premium license for Xsplit Gamecaster.
  6. Click BIOS 4 – Easily tweak your BIOS settings using this feature.


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  Asus X99 Sabertooth (Haswell-E LGA 2011-v3)

best motherboard for i7 6700K

If not, this is one of the best motherboard for i7 6700K gaming. Asus have really gone out of the way in the Sabertooth. The board is compatible with all NVM express storage choices and offers one of the best fan monitoring and cooling systems you can find on a board. Talk about the future of gaming as well, this board is VR ready, meaning your future-proof gaming PC should include this board.

Apart from the impressive onboard features, already mentioned, here are some others worth looking at:

  1. Dual USB 3.1 ports,
  2. TUF thermal armor for rapid cooling through boosted airflow.
  3. TUF Ice for continuous monitoring of your Processor’s temperature. This works in the same way as the thermal armor when it comes to intelligent automatic one click temperature optimization.
  4. Multiple card pairing – The board supports 3 way Crossfire X and Quad-GPU SLI.
  5. Dual LAN ports.
  6. Four USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.

At or slightly below $300, the Asus Sabertooth is definitely a worthy buy considering it’s one of the reasonably priced X99s you can get out there. Other minor things that make this board a better buy compared to MSI’s ‘god’ is warranty cover. Asus are generally better in terms of handling returns and replacements where applicable. For MSI and Gigabyte, the waiting period is longer.

       So what do I think is the best motherboard for i7 6700K gaming?

Well, choosing the best will depend on a number of things, one being your budget. If you really need to pinch your pennies, Gigabyte will be a worthy buy. However, if money is not a problem, put your focus on Asus and MSI. You will still be getting value for your money. If you want an overall great performance motherboard that excels in all areas, the Asus Z170 pro gaming is the ultimate choice.


                         Wrapping up

That’s it from me on the best motherboard for  i7 6700K. What are your thoughts? any questions or suggestions?  Leave us a comment below.