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Where to buy PC games online.Legit CD key sellers

As a pro PC gamer, you always want the best deals when buying new games, while maintaining things like support updates. The internet is awash with PC game key vendors, the majority being fraudsters. These vendors do not steal your money or anything like that, they indirectly affect the developers instead. At the end of the day, you have your CD key at a discount, but has it ever occurred to you that this could be a stolen key? I will dwell more on this issue later in the article, but first we need to look at legit places where to buy PC games online.

 Why its always a good thing to buy PC games

The gaming industry, same to the film industry has always been faced with piracy and fraud. At the end of the day, these guys who develop games want to make money too. As a developer, you want to publish your game, sell it for some amount of cash and continue supporting it. While this sounds pretty straightforward on paper, the same can’t be said in real life.

As soon as a game is out, you can almost always find it for free online. What happens is someone buys the game, then cracks it enabling it to play on multiple PCs without the need for a CD key. These fraudsters then upload games on popular torrent sites, where it’s downloaded by millions for free. For the developers, this is what they now have to deal with permanently. After all the hard work and expenses[Games can take years to develop] It’s a rip-off, but sadly, nothing can be done.

Places Where to buy PC games online with Legit CD keys


where to buy pc games online

Before you decry the cost of games on steam, this is one of the best places where to buy PC games online. I know you’ll almost always get similar games at a cheaper price somewhere else, steam sells legit keys, has good support and honest game reviews from real people who have played the game. Another good thing I like about steam is the 14-day return policy. Suppose you buy a game like the infamous No Man’s Sky, and suddenly feel it’s a rip-off, you can always return it for a refund. Steam sells games directly from the developers, and do not allow third party key merchants on their site. It is by far the biggest marketplace for PC games and for their prices, well, the difference is always not more than 10 quid anyway.

A lot of review sites will not always put steam at the top of their lists all because of one key reason: The lack of an affiliate program. Steam does not have an affiliate program, which means that unlike what most online vendors do. If I recommend a product on steam and you click and buy it, I don’t get a commission. As far as I’m referring my readers to a good place where to buy PC games online, I don’t feel it’s worthless that I’m getting nothing out of it.


Where to buy PC games other than Steam

Games Planet

If there is one fast rising online and offline game vendor I’d mention, It has to be this one. Based in the U.K, Games planet is CD key retailer with a reputable customer service already. They have been in the CD key business for over 10 years now, and recently achieved the breakthrough in terms of popularity and reach. Why is Games Planet a good place to buy game CD keys? Well, first of all, their customer support is second to none here. When you purchase a CD key from their store, expect it in less than 5 minutes. This is actually great, considering for some stores you have to wait for days to get your key.

Another thing you’ll love about Gamesplanet is their pricing. They sell Legit keys direct from the developers yes, but offer them at competitive rates. A game like GTA5, for example, will cost you about $60 at Steam, but games planet sells it at $35. This is about 40% savings, more than enough to buy call of duty World At War.

While trying out games planet, I bought Mafia III and my order was processed in a record 3 minutes. I also decided to contact their support team [Wasn’t necessary actually] and guess what? I got a feedback in less than 15 minutes. Should you run into problems after buying a game from games planet, you can, therefore, rest assured that support will be available.



This is another place where you can buy PC or console games at a relatively lower price compared to steam. Even though if you buy most games they will give you a steam key, Amazon also sells game DVDs. For a game like FIFA, they will sell you an Origin key, but some games can be downloaded from their server too. The good thing with Amazon is mainly availability. You will be able to get all new games, including pre-releases for purchase. Being the world’s number 1 retailer, they also have a huge database, meaning you will almost always get the game you want there.

For games that come in DVDs, this could be a problem for some, hence we need to talk about it. Depending on their location,some people might find that Amazon doesn’t ship products to their country/state. You, therefore, have to rely on games in digital enough or offline game stores near you.

where to buy pc games online

GOG is another online CD key retailer based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Formerly known as Good Old Games, they have gone from that and now feature tons of new games too. This is one of the few stores you can find online that distributes both games and film. Here you can find Windows, Mac, and Linux games at similar prices to Steam. The games are legitimate, sourced from the developers directly. There do not run something like a marketplace for third part sellers. has a good customer support, and unlike steam, their return policy is extended to 30 days. I bought No Man’s sky from GOG and after a few hours of scavenging this blatant joke, I emailed them asking for a refund since the game sucked. I must admit I had almost no expectation of a response but guess what, they responded asking whether I wanted a bank transfer or store credit. They were quick processing the refund, and the support team was very friendly.

Green Man gaming

where to buy PC games online

Another UK based games vendor, Green Man Gaming boasts a huge database and over 500 publishers. You might or might not have heard about green man, but it’s been around for quite some time now. They have some of the best deals you can get off CD keys, hence if you have used Green Man gaming once, chances are high that you still buy games there. You can easily get up to 60% off games like COD and GTA V here. The waiting time while your purchase is being processed is short, often not more than 5 minutes. Should you run into problems, there’s always someone to help you thanks to their swift customer support. If your budget is squeezed at the moment, consider checking out Green Man gaming. They’ll always leave you some change.


where to buy PC games online

This is the only video game rental service not only on this list but currently available as well. It is a subscription-based service that let’s you rent games for different monthly fees. A single game will rent for $15.95 a month, but you can add one more for $22.95. This is obviously higher than what Amazon instant video and Hulu costs, but this is a game subscription, not a film one. Games are generally more expensive compared to movies.

Despite being the only video game rental service available, we could do with unlimited PC streaming and a bigger database for the games they rent. They have been adamant about such flaws, and I guess we all know why. They are the last one standing, with absolutely zero competition. This is the sole reason Gamefly made this list. People have different preferences, therefore need different options on where to buy PC games online too.

where to buy pc games online

If you are into indie games, you most probably have done business with The online store was established in 2013 and majors on delivering Indie games that would otherwise be hard to find elsewhere. Think of it as a community driven platform which focuses on a solo gaming niche. Other vendors, such as Steam, for example, stocks games from all genres and while this is never a bad thing, knowing you are shopping ina marketplace you all speak the same language is better, so scratch that itch. Its where to buy PC games online for the indie niche.


         So, is cdkeys Legit? – Read our honest opinion

What are your thoughts on these PC and console game vendors? Have you shopped from any of the ones I mentioned? How was the experience? Let us know in the comments section below. There are lots of other places where to buy PC games online but like I said, not all of them sell legit keys. cdkeys is definitely a legitimate game key seller, so you can trust your money with them. The stolen credit card issue is becoming hot, and already sites like G2A have come under fire for this. Considering how much work goes into developing these games we see today, it’s unethical to obtain keys fraudulently. If you like a game, support the developers. Buy it!